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Blog Tour, Review, & Giveaway for DESTRY by Author Lola Stark!

Title: Destry (Rough & Hard #1)
Author: Lola Stark
Released: March 24, 2014

Rancher Destry Reeves is your typical country boy; he believes in hard work and the easy life. None of which he recognises in Amelia Highsmith.

When a chance encounter involving a cow, a truck and a dark Texan night puts the two on a collision course, it's not long before the fireworks begin and the simple life is turned upside down.

The last thing Amelia expects is for a brute of a cowboy to get in the way of her new life. She's left behind a world of high class dinners and city lights in an effort to escape a life she never wanted. Amelia finds herself in a world so far removed from home that it becomes impossible to break free without finding herself first.

Drawn together by an inexplicable attraction, Destry and Amelia must decide if such an unlikely pairing can ever survive.

Excerpt 2

“S’cuse me, ma’am. You mind not givin’ my cattle a hidin’?” A smooth male voice asked from behind me.
Jumping a solid foot in the air, I screamed long and loud. My hand flew to my heaving chest and I spun around, stepped back quickly, and bumped into the idiotic beast behind me. “Shit, sorry! It was in the middle of the road and I almost hit it.” I paused a moment. “Wait, it’s yours? Why is it in the middle of the road?” I asked, placing my hands on my hips in annoyance.
The headlights from his truck shined softly up from the side of the road, backlighting his silhouette and leaving his face concealed in shadow. I must have been in a state to not have heard his truck or seen the lights. Another bout of hysterical laughter bubbled up from my chest. Today couldn’t get any worse.
I was barefoot, standing in the middle of the road trying to beat up a cow, probably looking deranged and homeless while some tall, built cowboy came along to witness my meltdown.
Of course.
Why the hell not?
“You all right there, ma’am? Are you hurt?” The cowboy moved forward a step, one hand palm up as he approached me, as if he thought I might turn tail and run.
Not likely, considering I was trapped between an eight-hundred pound animal and a solid wall of muscled man. “You’ve gone and banged your head good there,” he drawled, gesturing to my head.
I’d forgotten about the cut on my brow. I imagined I looked like a busted can of biscuits. Sobering up quickly, I straightened, putting my hand up to stop his rather intimidating approach.
“I’m fine really, but your stupid animal was in the middle of the damn road and I swerved so as not to hit the ginormous thing and crashed my car.” I took a second to assess the man in front of me. I didn’t know if I should be worried or not. A female out on a deserted road with a stranger. I mean, he could be some sort of weird-ass serial killer for all I knew. He didn’t act or look like one, but then again, what did I know about criminal profiling?

Our Review
Lola Stark lives in Australia, Is an at home mummy with no filter raising a hoard of minions and a husband who sometimes appears not to have grown up. Lola has loved to read for as long as she can remember. When not wrangling the family she can be found sitting at her computer , writing, facebooking or just generally messing around.

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  Author Spotlight! 

Can you tell us something we don’t know about Lola Stark?
Lola Stark loves the color green … and socks. She’s obsessed with socks.

Why do you feel you had to tell the story of Destry and Amelia?  
At the time I wrote Destry I was going through a really rough time. I needed something light and relateable. I needed to tell a story of a cowboy strong enough to pick up the messy pieces and stick them back together.

What was your inspiration in creating their characters?
Music, it’s always music. I was listening to ‘Cowboy take me away’ from Dixie Chicks and the story hit me.

Is there something in this book that is based on real life experience?
Misconceptions. Listening to your inner fears and demons instead of trusting your heart. Leaving behind what is expected of you and starting out on your own. Learning to stand up for yourself and love who you truly are inside.

What was your favorite chapter to write and why?
The water sex down at the lake. All sorts of feelings came about during that scene.

Which is the hardest part to write and why?
The break up. Regardless of how it happens, what comes from it. Watching somebody you love walk away from you breaks your heart to pieces.

Among all the books that you have read, which of these have significantly contributed to your writing style?
Tara Sivec’s Chocolate lovers she’s a huge inspiration to me. Abbi Glines, Kristen Ashley. There are so many. David Michael. Not only is he the best, best friend a girl could ask for he has a way with words that would make most authors envious.

Excluding your own, name 3 books you would recommend to your friends.
Blessed and Cursed from David Michael. <- and="" anything="" as="" awesome="" books.="" boys.="" c.c="" carmen="" enjoy="" from="" hell="" her="" hot="" jenner="" my="" off="" or="" p="" paranormal="" re="" rocks="" she="" sivec="" socks="" stay="" sugar="" tara="" they="" to="" town="" welcome="" with="" wood.="" your="">

If you can be any fictional character for a day, who would you choose and why?
Abby from Beautiful Disaster. That book gave me hope that no matter how broken somebody is their sticky tape is somewhere. Broken boy and a broken girl aren’t always destined for tragedy. Sometime you can find your happily ever after.

Name 3 authors you would love to collaborate with in the future.
David Michael … this is in the works. We’re planning a children’s book together. Carmen Jenner and … Rachel Brookes another amazing Aussie Author.

If I ask you to look in the mirror right now, what would you tell yourself?  
Broken wings will heal. Scars will fade.

Fast Talk
Hidden talent? I can still do a cartwheel. In a dress. Drunk. On a beach in Gold Coast. #IADU14

Biggest regret? Accepting the love I thought I deserved.

Favorite male body part?  Cum Gutters and big strong arms.

Favorite place to get down and dirty?  Wall sex = Neat. Car just as fun.

Favorite Adult Toy? One two pick a few … Magic Bullet. 0 to done in … you get the point.

Name one celebrity you are willing to have one night stand with?  Chris Hemsworth… Channing Tatum… James Franco … Kellan Lutz … Wait you said one. Can I have a sandwich?

Your make out song?  Ohhhh… I’m okay with about anything for that.

Among all your characters, who is better in bed? Personal preference. I’ll always have a soft spot for Mace.

Any advice to give to aspiring writers?  Editor … PLEASE use an editor. Don’t give up. If you want it you have to work for it. If it’s easy you’re doing it wrong.

Any message to your followers?  I am in awe of how supportive each and every one of you are. My writing is my life. I write not only to support my children and their lives but to give people a glimmer of hope that there’s a HEA at the end of everyone story. That you all for every single one click, share, like, comment, recommendation and supportive message. It is the difference between my children have a head start at a stable future or not.

What’s next for Lola?  Next for Lola is Lola ... It’s time to do me in life. In between books of course. Forbidden Love (Needle’s Kiss #3) is next on my list then I’ll be working on Braxton (Rough and hard #2) I’ll be at the Sin with the Saints book signing to be held in Park City August 2nd alongside some amazing authors. I’ll also be back at Indie Authors Down Under next year.

Thank you a million times for the spotlight. It’s been fun!
*questions provided by the tour host (The Book Avenue)


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