Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Release Day Blog Tour for Lost in France by Jani Kay!

Firebird Series: Lost in France

Lost in France is an erotic contemporary romance novel set in Paris, the city of Love and Romance. Part 1 of 3 in the exciting new Firebird Series.

Author:   JANI KAY

Release Date: November 28th 2013
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Lost in France is an erotic contemporary romance novel set in Paris, the city of Love and Romance. 

Offered a thrilling new job, Rebecca flees her tormented past, putting as much distance between herself and her ex-lover, wanting a fresh beginning in a foreign city. 

On the airplane she meets Alain, a dangerously handsome Frenchman, who seduces her with his charming European ways. But her new boss, super arrogant CEO, Maxwell Grant, doesn't like her entanglement with the Frenchman; he wants Rebecca to himself...

Rebecca hates her boss and tells him in so many words - a career limiting move if ever there was one... 

Is Rebecca jumping from one hotter-than-hell fire into another? And will she finally find what she is looking for? 


Jani has been married for a long time to a special man, and her two children and their partners are the sunshine in her life. She is a voracious reader and would spend her last dollar on a book - always fascinated that for the mere price of a book, she can escape her world for a while and see through someone else's eyes.

Besides reading, her favorite 'thing' is traveling - she has traveled the world, learning about the ways people live and has come to the realization that no matter where we live, we all ultimately want the same things. Her hobby - Scrapbooking - keeps her up till way after midnight and her usual subjects are her family and her travels.

Ever since she can remember, Jani wanted to write stories about people, about their lives and loves. Relationships and Happiness - arguably the most difficult things to master in life and yet exactly what everyone ultimately desires (in her humble opinion).

She would love to hear from you, please email her at janikaybooks@gmail.com

 Our 5 Star Review:

Lost in France was an angsty thrill ride. Rebecca leaves her long time lover Julian behind in Australia when she accepted a new job position in France by CEO Maxwell Grant. Her intentions were to start a new life. Little did Rebecca know that soon after her departure from Australia she would be a heartthrob Frenchman named Alain. The last thing on Rebecca's or Alain's mind was that fate would bring the two of them together. It was instant attraction. Rebecca was enthralled with Alain and his piercing blue eyes. Alain was immediately attracted to the sad red head seated next to him on the plane. Alain felt like he needed to protect Rebecca and mend her broken heart as he pitied the fool who let her go. Alain displayed dominance and possessiveness over Rebecca immediately which was not the norm for him. He was use to using women to his advantage and quickly disposing of them. Alain was not looking for a commitment. However he could not fight his attraction toward Rebecca. Rebecca could not believe how she felt so drawn to Alain so soon after her departure from Julian. She began to question the integrity of her past relationship in order to justify her new attraction to Alain. Alain immediately swept Rebecca off her feet with his charm by wining and dining her all throughout France. Upon arriving to her hotel she immediately began receiving gifts from her new boss Maxwell Grant. She thought nothing of it. Then, unexpectedly Maxwell Grant requested a meeting with her to go over her new contract with Grant Industries. As soon as Rebecca met Maxwell she felt hatred. She did not like her new boss. It was an instant rivalry. She was struggling with the perceptions that Maxwell was transmitting. Was he attracted to her? He couldn't be...this arrogant man was married to one of the most beautiful model's in the world. Surely he would not risk his relationship to pursue her? Alain continued to sweep Rebecca off her feet. He couldn't stand being away from her and the feeling was mutual. However from the minute she met Maxwell a new feeling ignited inside her. She didn't know what to make of it. It seemed that Maxwell was jealous of her actions one minute, but strictly professional the next. Maxwell was a very attractive man as well, but Rebecca couldn't get over the fact that she loved to hate him. However she always had the thought in her head of what if? Where were these feelings coming from? What the hell was his intentions? Rebecca was feeling torn between love and lust. In a way it was a bit of a unannounced love triangle. Rebecca was not ready for all these new emotions especially since her intentions were to start a new life focusing on herself. Then, when she thought things couldn't become anymore confusing the unexpected happens...She was taken back by this turn of events. It made her once again question her feelings. She thought she was in love with the Frenchman. Then she learned that Alain's life was much more complicated than she expected. Their love was put to the test. All the while Rebecca is struggle to figure out this love/hate relationship going on with Maxwell. Could love overcome impossible barriers? Is love worth giving up your destiny? These are situations that Rebecca must overcome. An unexpected turn of events lead to an edge of your seat ending! What will happen next? Only the second book will tell... Until then be sure to read Lost in France to know the full story of Rebecca's unfortunate luck with love. 

Goodreads:  https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/775716515.


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