Tuesday, March 4, 2014

SWEET LITTLE THING by Author Renee Carlino is LIVE!

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BARNES & NOBLE: http://goo.gl/xxB9UV


Our Review: 
Sweet Little Thing was such a perfect continual novella to Mia and Will's journey. Sweet Little Thing started exactly where Sweet Thing left off. All is well in Mia and Will's world. They are finally a couple, they are living together in a loft in Brooklyn, and they have their very own studio. Will and Mia are pursuing their dreams together..music. Will and Mia together in the studio was music alchemy. They shared the same ideas, but had very different talents. They were the perfect couple and their relationship only grew stronger through their love of music, that was until fate threw in an unexpected twist of events. This little blessing will put Will and Mia's relationship to the test once and for all. Will and Mia will face challenges along the way, but must learn to rely in each other to pull through. For the first time in Will's life he is faced with the reality that a sweet little thing will come before his love for music. Throughout the story Mia and Will work together to prepare themselves for the next step in their journey, but will it be too soon? Are they ready for such a life changing event? In my opinion, Sweet Little Thing is a representation of the next phase of Will and Mia building their life together. Their journey is once again not easy, but nothing in life is easy. You have to fight for what you love. Little did Mia and Will know that an unplanned surprise is what seals their commitment for each other.

"It's the boundless, from the depths of your soul kind of love."

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