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Blog TOur & Review for WHAT HAPPENS TOMORROW by Author Elle Michaels!

Along with Elle Michaels, we are excited to share with you her new release “What Happens Tomorrow”.  Make sure to join the Facebook Release & Tour Event, read the EXCERPT & enter the Amazon Gift Card GIVEAWAY below!

No one knows what happens tomorrow...
When Brooke Adams suffers the unimaginable, she knows her heart will never be whole again. Faced with the choice of giving in to her grief, or fighting to regain a resemblance to the life she once knew, she chooses to fight.
Not ready to give up, Brooke starts a new life where no one knows her past. As she slowly puts the pieces of her life back together, Brooke meets her neighbor, Tyler Reynolds. Soon, he becomes her friend, her rock...
and her complicated constant.
Despite her best efforts, she finds herself falling for him, but what will happen if Tyler learns the truth about her past and realizes just how deep the damage is?
The risk might be too much...
4/5 STARS!

What Happens Tomorrow evokes so many emotions. The best way to describe the purpose of this story is to say that it is about overcoming grief, learning to cope with pain and loss, and allowing yourself to love again. Parts of this novel are heart wrenching and I can only imagine the pain that Brooke is going through. Brooke is living with the type of pain and loss than no one should ever have to endure.

Brooke has decided to leave her past behind her by moving to a new area. She felt that she could no longer cope while living in the same area that evoked so many memories of what she once had. She decided a fresh start would be her only option to escape the pain. The problem is, Brooke has turned into a recluse. She only leaves her home when necessary and is currently unemployed. Her person and companion is her 9 pound dog, Charlie. Charlie is her world and the only connection she has to her previous life. She strongly feels without Charlie she would not be here. Shortly after moving h=into her new apartment she met Tyler. As the years went by Tyler became one of Brooke's best friends. However Brooke has yet to inform Tyler of her past. Instead Brooke confides in herself to grieve, alone.

Tyler on the other hand can no longer hide the feelings he has for Brooke. They are so strong that he felt that it is best to tell her. Brooke on the other hand does not handle the news well. Her intentions were to always keeps people at an arms length...allow them to get close, but not too close. The only problem is Brooke does have feelings for Tyler as well, but she is better about harboring these feelings. She feels that it as long as she never gets too attached to anyone it won't hurt as much if they ever leave, she cannot survive that grief again.

Tyler on the other hand, is insistent and is willing to take things slow as long as their relationship can move forward. He wants Brooke to be is life partner and companion. Tyler is the perfect catch: he's loving, understanding, patient, and compassionate. He loves Brooke so much that he can feel her pain and ultimately, he shares her pain. Tyler will stop at nothing to get the sad look out of Brooke's eyes. However how much is too much? Will Brooke succumb to her feelings and once and for all, let Tyler into her dark past?


After dinner, we take Charlie out for a walk. I love our casual walks at night with my arms wrapped around this hand- some man.
“I…uh…I have something to tell you. I’m a little nervous, so can you please hear me out without interrupting me?”
Tyler stops dead in his tracks, letting go of my waist. “All right…but why are you nervous? You know you can tell me anything, right?”
Biting my lip nervously, I nod. I wish his words calmed my nerves this time, but they don’t. “Please. Don’t interrupt, just listen. We’ve been seeing each other for a couple of months now and things have been amazing, so I wanted to tell you that I…I’m…”
Oh, damn it, Brooke. Spit it out already!
“I’m ready.”
With his signature devilish grin, he teasingly cocks his brow, trying to appear puzzled by my statement.
This is so embarrassing. Maybe I should have kept my mouth shut.
“Ready? I’m not sure I understand? What exactly is it that you’re ready for?”
Ass! He knows exactly what I mean. I elbow him in the side as my face turns fifty shades of embarrassed. “Jerk! You know exactly what I’m trying to say.”
His grin grows bigger, telling me he’s enjoying my discomfort. Reaching for me, he pulls me towards his chest. “Sweet- heart, I’m sure I know exactly what you mean, but I wanna hear you say it. I want to hear the words come out of your gorgeous lips.”
He’s really gonna make me beg. “I’m ready for us to…you know...for us to…be together.” I cover my face with my hands. I’m ready to crawl under a rock now.
Pushing me back from his chest, he eyes me with such tenderness. “Can we please take this conversation home? I really don’t feel like talking about making love to my girlfriend in front of the homeless dude here,” he says, motioning to the man sleeping in the doorway of the shop we happened to stop in front of. I nod in embarrassed agreement as Tyler leans in to kiss the side of my head. “Hey, you have nothing to be embarrassed about.”

Elle Michaels is a professional in the tech sector, residing with her family in the Pacific Northwest. Having spent years acting in and directing stage productions, she dreamed of writing a screenplay, but at the suggestion of a friend, she decided to write a novel instead.
She has always had a passion for reading and romance. There is nothing she loves more than to get lost in a sexy romance story.
When not working or writing, she can be found spending time with the love of her life, her two young children and Yorkshire Terrier.
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